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Finding the perfect fabric was a fun and time consuming process. I traveled around Scandinavia to find the best fabric supplier, and while doing so I found delicate fabric and met amazing people.

1st clothing piece

The very first clothing piece I made was the Ida Top.

An unique, comfortable and flattering top. Made out of delicate and exclusive satin. Ida Top can be worn together with Victoria Skirt as a two piece set. Wear with heels for a formal look, or sneakers for a sporty look.

the process

Every single clothing piece is hand made just for you. They are all unique, and beauty flaws may occur


Designing, thinking, trying on, measuring, ideating, brainstorming, being inspired, and drawing sketches is a creative and exciting process that is behind every unique clothing piece.

quality control

Every order goes to a quality control to make sure it meets certain standards. Please keep in mind that every clothing piece is unique and might include som beauty flaws.

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